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The Story of Berlin: a city, a history, an exhibition

The Story of Berlin: a city, a history, an exhibition

History, Museums on July 28, 2011 2:12 pm

The Story of Berlin is more than an exhibition. It is a great idea bringing together the chance to learn and enjoy the history of the city. I really liked this particular trip and will tell you a little more about it.

The exhibition shows 800 years of Berlin’s history from the very first settlers, the 13th century traders to the fall of the Berlin wall and the city as it is today.

The exhibition is spread over 23 different rooms that are all fully equipped with multimedia to really experience all its eras and the moments described first-hand. The rooms recreate different aspects of the local people’s daily life and some of the city’s most important individuals. There is even a visit to a Cold War bunker in Kurfürstendamm Avenue.

A truly all-round experience, the exhibition even includes rooms where you can also smell and feel what it was actually like to be living at that time.

A corridor takes the visitor through the middle of the exhibition and leads on to each room. This main passage guides you through time with different explanations and lots of images. Each room has a specific theme and provides a whole selection of facts and details to be discovered.

It is permitted to take photos and make recordings in the museum and the exhibition.

One of the rooms reflects the different religions that settled in Berlin, where Christianity, Judaism, and Islam live side by side. The room exhibit shows the different stages of life in each religion such as baptism, communion, marriage and death reflected with the different clothing worn by women.

Story of Berlin 001 Story of Berlin 009

It is also possible to see how the city has evolved through its structures. One entire display shows models of the most important buildings in the city, detailing their function and when they were built.

However before reaching this particular stage, you first have to go through the era of industrialization, where the really hard work of its labourers is made quite apparent. The room dedicated to construction offers visitors the possibility to actually feel like one of the workers – even the floor trembles!

Story of Berlin 020 Story of Berlin 021

Berlin began to live its full splendor and take on the appearance of a modern city in the 1920s. The metropolis was created with the first German Republic, and the room exhibits include a cinema with decorations and different attractive areas all designed in a very eye-catching red tone.

Story of Berlin 033

As the exhibition relates the story of Berlin, it finally reaches the era of Hitler. On descending the stairs the colours of the wall change from orange to grey and its pictures finally become empty, leaving mere framed words such as suicide, remand and murder. Meanwhile the city history leads to the Third Reich.

Visitors can appreciate how the city was divided once the wall was constructed with the comparison of two typical German houses – one in the east and the other the west of the city, with a bomb in the centre.

Story of Berlin 036 Story of Berlin 045 Story of Berlin 053

Finally the Berlin wall comes down and the exhibition continues in the atomic bunker that can only be visited with a tour guide. This real bunker from the Cold War can still be used and give refuge to over 3500 people.

Useful information

All texts in the exhibition are written in English and German.

The guided tours last half an hour and are offered in English and German. Tours can be reserved beforehand in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Japanese. There are free guides in all the previously mentioned languages.

For groups of students and children there are adapted guided tours. The youngest visitors have to find the bear on the map during the tour, whilst children a little older must solve a number of questions in a booklet.

The guided visits to the bunker take place every hour.

As well as the exhibition there are also different events for companies in the different marked areas.

For more information see:

Kurfürstendamm 207-208, 10719 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (0) 30 / 887 20 100
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 887 20 230
E-Mail: info@story-of-berlin.de

How to get there?

Metro U1: Uhland straße

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