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Vive Berlin – the true experts in Berlin walking tours

Vive Berlin – the true experts in Berlin walking tours

Activities, Tours on March 20, 2012 2:10 pm

Berlin is, without a doubt, one of the most historically remarkable cities in the entire universe, and for this reason, you really ought to experience a sightseeing walk through the city at some point in your life. The problem, more often than not, is how best to sift through the plethora of available choices and find a tour that’s just right for you. Efficient planning, extraordinary knowledge of the city, and a passionate love of the job – these elements constitute a truly great walking tours in Berlin. The enthusiasm of the staff at Vive Berlin is truly contagious, making them a clear and logical first choice, when it comes to tours of Germany’s capital city.

What sets Vive Berlin apart from the rest?

Vive Berlin is a conglomeration of talented individuals who, united by their passion for Berlin, came together and formed a cooperative business. Their combined work experience in other tourist establishments fostered the idea to develop something new and entirely different in their field – and this signaled the launch of what is now Vive Berlin.

The benefits, at a glance

  • Wide selection of public sightseeing walks, with different themes, in German, English, Spanish, Italian and French. You can simply choose and take part in a tour spontaneously; there’s no need to sign up in advance or to round up a group of fellow sightseers.
  • Vive Berlin insists on keeping tour groups small. If a single group is too full, they simply divide it up into smaller ones. This type of flexibility is guaranteed.
  • Fair and affordable prices – and for only slightly more money, you can book a private tour.
  • The very best thing about Vive Berlin is that their employees bring with them a vast diversity of interests, ethnic backgrounds, and careers – ranging from literature and graphic design to art, politics, or history. This wealth of knowledge is reflected in the impressive depth of information provided on the individual tours.
 Walking tours with Vive Berlin  Walking tours with Vive Berlin
General information about the sightseeing walks

The program of tours includes something for everyone – for example, the “Berlin Highlights Tour,” which gives you a good general overview of the city’s points of interest and its history, the “German Reunification Tour,” with information about the former East Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall, or even walks through Berlin’s more alternative neighborhoods, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

And to round out the assortment of tours, there are outings available to Potsdam or to the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Themes of the public tours vary according to language, so it’s very important to consult the website for specific information.

Tip: Each and every public tour is also available as a private tour (but be aware that in this case, as well, not all tours are available in every language). Private tours should be booked in advance, and their timing is determined by the participants. Transfers to and from meeting points, as well as other related activities, can also be booked through Vive Berlin.

The main difference between the two tour types is that you can simply join one of the public tours without booking in advance, and that all public tours are held on a regular basis, at specific times and on specific days. Private tours are offered to individuals or closed groups (of 1 to 28 people) and must be booked in advance. Larger groups will, more often than not, be divided up into smaller ones.

‘A la Carte’ sightseeing walks are also available, and are designed entirely “from scratch,” based on the interests of the participants. These tours must also be requested and booked in advance. In this case, participants play an active role in planning and creating their own tour.

Tip: Considering the wide range of tours in various languages, and the numerous tour themes on offer, we highly recommend that you consult the website for any and all tour information, straight from the horse’s mouth.
 Walking tours with Vive Berlin  Walking tours with Vive Berlin
Useful Information

Meeting Point
Potsdamer Platz
S-Bahn (Suburban Train):
S1, S2, S25, Potsdamer Platz (Exit for Stresemannstraße)
U-Bahn (Underground): U2, Potsdamer Platz (Exit for Stresemannstraße)
Bus: 148, 200 and M41 to Potsdamer Platz

German, English, Spanish, Italian and French


Methods of Payment
Paypal, bank transfer, or cash on location

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Book with Vive Berlin!
Website: http://www.viveberlintours.de
Email: info@viveberlintours.de
Phone: +49 (0) 163-638 94 27

Additional notes
  • For individual tour times and prices, please refer to the website.
  • Times, themes, and days of the tours vary, depending on the language in which the tour is conducted.

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