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Royal palaces and gardens in Berlin – have a royal day out

Royal palaces and gardens in Berlin – have a royal day out

Art and Design, History, Museums on March 29, 2012 11:06 am

Oh-Berlin chose a glorious sunny day to go and visit some of the best Berlin palaces. Our tight itinerary took on four palaces in one day but we would not recommend doing the same as they are quite far apart. Better to plan a visit to one. Here´s our review of the best palaces of Berlin to visit.


Charlottenburg Palace

The palace that is seen as the most majestic in Berlin was originally designed as a ´maison de plaisance´. Electress Sophie Charlotte used the summer residence to entertain her exclusive circle of scholars and artists. When Sophie´s husband was crowned King Frederick I it meant that the couple were going up in the world and needed a palace of suitable grandeur to match their lofty position of power and prestige.

The palace and garden are in a baroque style with the impressive grounds modeled after Versailles. Walking around Charlottenburg you could imagine Sophie Charlotte entertaining or being entertained with the number of ornate pianos in highly fanciful rooms or talking philosophy, another one of her pursuits. As for Frederick no room exudes the desire to show off his extravagant wealth and power than his ´Porcelain room´ which has over 7,000 pieces of fine porcelain.

Spandauer Damm 10-22
14059 Berlin Charlottenburg
Take the M45 from Zoologischer Garten to Charlottenburg Schloss.


Bellevue Palace

Sometimes to referred to as the ´White Palace´. It is the official residence of the Federal President of Germany and as a result not fully open to the public. You can view the palace from the outside on the well maintained lawn in front of it. The palace is part of the large Tiergarten park area which is perfect for a stroll. A cute little gated garden behind the oval modern building next to the palace is worth seeking out for a little nirvana. Additional nearby sights include the Victory Column, the Bundestag and the Brandenburg Gate.

Spreeweg 1
10557 Berlin Tiergarten
Take the S-Bahn to Bellevue and then short walk along the riverside


Schönhausen Palace

Slightly off far more well-trodden paths Schönhausen Palace and its garden are situated in a very salubrious part of Berlin. A palace of understated yet simple and pleasing elegance. Make an early morning trip here in early spring and you will not be disappointed. The birds full of song and the small yet exquisite garden make it as tranquil a place as you would hope to find. Indira Gandhi, Fidel Castro and Mikhail Gorbachev have all stayed at Schönhausen. Along with the palace garden there is also a very nice larger park nearby with the Panke river running through it. The palace is open to visitors from April to September.

Tschaikowskystraße 1
13156 Berlin Pankow
Take the M1 tram from Hackescher Markt to Tschaikowsky Strasse.


Köpenick Palace

Located on the island where the rivers Dahme and Spree meet, the baroque castle now houses an impressive collection of rare and valuable works of the renaissance, baroque and rococo.

The site of the castle is also considered of major archeological significance having been the spot of a 6th century Slavic castle and later a 16th century renaissance palace. In the basement you can see the remains of earlier buildings and find out about the rich history and development of the site.

Lovers of fine art and antique furniture are sure to be in their element. The mix of styles from important artistic periods and the standard of craftsmanship and creativity mean that there are an abundance of fantastic works on display from stucco ceilings and paintings and to superb examples of elegantly ornate furniture.

Schlossinsel 1
12557 Berlin Köpenick
Take the RB (Regional Bahn) from Zoologischer Garten to Karlshorst (Schonefeld Flughafen direction). Take tram 27 to Schlossplatz.







Glienicke Palace

The dashing Prince Carl of Prussia enchanted by a trip to Italy decided to set up his very own Italian villa in Berlin back in 1823. And so after acquiring the Glienicke Estate he set the famous German architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel to task to create his Italian inspired dream residence. In addition to the works of Schinkel the court gardener´s museum is located in Glienicke Park.

All around the palace and grounds you can see the Italian influence such as the striking golden lions at the great fountain which were modeled on the Villa Medici estate in Rome. Schinkel´s designs adhered to a Neoclassical style that was very much in keeping with the Prince´s desire to create an ancient Italian residence. Just as important was the cultivation of gardens and grounds to be constructed to give a distinctly Mediterranean feel to the landscape. The palace and park are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Please allow at least an hour in making your trip. The palace is open April to October (Closed Mondays) November to March (Saturday/Sunday/holidays) *Only by guided tour.

Königsstraße 36
14109 Berlin Zehlendorf
Take S Bahn or RB (Regional Train) to Wannsee then take bus 316 to Schloss Glienick

We hope you get out and see some of Berlin´s palaces and that this guide has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts if you visit any of the palaces we would love to hear from you?



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