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KaDeWe – The largest department store in Europe

KaDeWe – The largest department store in Europe

Shopping on August 17, 2012 1:25 pm

It´s been called the Harrods of Berlin and has been delighting customers for over 100 years. A luxury grande emporium – KaDeWe is the largest department store in continental Europe offering all the leading brands, new fashion and style, gourmet food and even beauty and spa treatments. Along with some history we give you an idea of what delights await you when you visit the store.

A little bit of history

It all started back in 1905 when Berlin merchant Adolf Jandorf came up with the ambitious idea of a large department store. After bringing on board architect Emil Schaudt the store opened on March 27, 1907 with an area of 24,000 sq-m.

The success of KaDeWe meant that Tauentzienstraße was transformed from a sleepy residential area to become one of the city´s most vibrant boulevards. The late 20s to early 30s saw the store expanded and incorporated into the Hertie Group, but later the Jewish owners were forced to sell the store under National Socialism.

1943 and the store is nearly burnt to the ground after an American airplane crashes into it. The store reopens in 1950 and five years later the famous gourmet seventh floor is built in 1955. The gourmet floor quickly becomes a big hit with shoppers.

The fall of the Berlin Wall ushers in a boom period for the store as East Berliners flock to get a taste of the West and some of the luxuries at KaDeWe which were unavailable before.

A new millennium and KaDeWe becomes the recognisable modern upmarket department store by adding a restaurant under a glass roof along with floors dedicated to beauty and fashion.


Every fashion brand under one roof

If you are looking for designer labels and high end fashion, KaDeWe has all the top established names and also some of the new in-vogue younger labels.

The first floor has the ´luxury boulevard´ with Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and Chanel. The 3rd floor has women´s fashion, while the 2nd floor is devoted to men´s fashion.

On the 4th floor you will find childrenswear along with a large lingerie section with designs from Stella McCartney among others.


Food, glorious, food

The 6th floor at KaDeWe has a reputation for being a food lover´s paradise. With the finest produce flown in directly from almost every part of the world it satisfies even the more discerning food connoisseurs.

Imagine hundreds of types of different breads, over a thousand types of cheeses or sausages and thousands of wines to choose from. With exotic fruits or fish from Hawaii or the Seychelles, it seems when it comes to sourcing the finest food and drink KaDeWe has no boundaries.


Restaurants and bars

Enjoying one of KaDeWe´s restaurants or bars is always a bit of treat or special occasion given the high standards of food and drink.

Café Bar
The Leysieffer Café on the Gourmet 6th floor is where you are spoilt for choice with the sheer amount of the most desirable looking pastries, cakes and chocolates. You can also get a range of hot and cold delicious dishes including pastas and soups.

Champagne bars
Four champagne bars to choose from for those who love a glass of bubbly or two.

Chocolate Bar
A serious gourmet bar where master chocolatiers deliver the most sublime sweet chocolate creations.

Le Buffet
The Wintergarten on the 7th floor provides a memorable setting with great views of Berlin while you indulge yourself in some great international cuisine.

The Last Word

Along with one of the most amazing food courts you will ever see, chic restaurants and bars and the latest designer fashions, KaDaWe offers beauty and spa treatments, interior and design, arts, entertainment and electronic goods. For those who like to shop, just browse what´s on offer or appreciate good food and wine a visit to KaDeWe should be high on your list when you visit Berlin.


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