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Dahlem Museum – Three fascinating museums and more for the price of one

Dahlem Museum – Three fascinating museums and more for the price of one

Museums on September 27, 2012 1:48 pm

Looking to see a number of interesting exhibitions in one superb exhibition space? Well we can thoroughly recommend the Dahlem museum. See exhibitions about different cultures including the Ethnological Museum, Museum of Asian Art and the Museum of European Cultures and much more. Here are some of the highlights we found when we embarked on our cultural odyssey at the Dahlem museum.



Native American art

We really enjoyed seeing the variety of work from native Indian artists. One painting showed a young female participant of a peyote ritual, surrounded by colour visions emanating from the peyote cactus she wears in her ear like a piece of jewellery. The Native American church uses hallucinogenic peyote cactus in its religious practice. You can see other examples of how some Native American artwork has a psychedelic aspect to it. We also enjoyed the playful, ironic contemporary depictions of native and North American life by David Bradley.


East Asian Art

Lots of fine art on display from China, Japan and Korea ranging from exquisite ceramics, finely illustrated or written scrolls, elegant dressing screens and even an authentic living quarter.


South East Asia

A fascinating insight into the Hill Tribes of South East Asia. Focusing on ethnic groups in the north of Thailand some of the most compelling images are of the poppy trade in the region where modern production requirements are taking over from previous local cultivation.


African art

Lots to see and learn about in the African museum rooms from the role of masks used in rituals by some tribal communities to other carved items like traditional necklaces and bracelets. We enjoyed the room full of colourful and creative makeshift hut doors and the pictures of African children today influenced by Western fashions.


Last word

Although the Dalhem museum is a little bit further out than the more centrally located museums in Berlin it is definitely worth making the trip. The museum is fantastic value as you get to see numerous exhibitions about different cultures in one day. As there is a lot to see we recommend taking a break for coffee or even lunch at the museum´s coffee bar or restaurant or when the weather is nice the pleasant outdoor seating area.


Ethnologisches Museum
Lansstrasse 8 / Arnimalle 25
14195 Berlin
Tel: 030 2662987

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat-Sun 11am-6pm
Entry €6
Book online

Getting There/Public Transport

U-Bahn U3 (Dahlem-Dorf)
Bus X11, X83 (U Dahlem-Dorf); 101 (Limonenstraße); 110 (Domäne Dahlem)

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