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Sauerbraten, tours and talks

Sauerbraten, tours and talks

Living la Vida Local – The Experiment on March 22, 2013 11:47 am

Twitter chats and cooking classes

After eating food from Turkey, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Russia, and Mexico – Sherry finally had some German food! In a local cooking class, she learned how to make typical German sauerbraten four different ways. Sherry loved it and felt like she had “walked onto the set of Germany’s Next Top Chef”; however the best thing about the class was that she met a bunch of locals!
Despite being aspiring locals, Sherry and Lisa tried out an underground tour of the Berlin bunkers to get to grips with more of the city’s Cold War history. They were surprised to discover that the bunker was actually a U-Bahn station – a fact that made Sherry “look at the transportation system here differently”.
The girls also took part in a Twitter chat with other travellers and friends. They joined Sean Keener and Adam Seper from Bootsnall.com on their weekly #RTWchat to discuss what it really takes to live like a local.

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