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Mauerpark market – kitsch and glamour

Mauerpark market – kitsch and glamour

Shopping on March 8, 2011 2:21 pm

What: Mauerpark market
When: Every Sunday from 08:00 to 18:00h
Where: Mauerpark in Berlin, Bernauer Straße 63-64
Who: For those who are looking for a mixture of authentic bric-a-brac, designer or handcrafted articles and are not scared of crowds.

After taking a good look around my apartment I decided it was time to make some changes; buy some new furniture and a few other things. As it was a Sunday I decided to head to the Mauerpark market.


Cartel del mercadillo

There are multiple opinions about this market in Berlin, it is known by everyone, but people can have very different points of view: “it’s much too full and crowded, expensive and commercial” say some, whilst others are more enthusiastic: “There is a good atmosphere, great, stylish things to buy with really chilled people”.

I was determined to make up my own mind and opinion. The number of people was actually quite bearable although it was a particularly sunny January day. It is quite likely that in the hot months of summer it can become quite over-bearing, and according to a local stall-holder, (see the web site bier-statt-blumen.de) on certain Sundays of the year there can be up to 30,000 people at the market, which for its size is really quite impressive. The enjoyment factor I imagine can come to a fast finish when the experience boils down to pushing and shoving.

People visiting the market
People and atmosphere

The Market attracts a different ‘crowd’ to other Berlin markets: very young, hip and trendy. The slogan here is ‘see and be seen’. It could even be accused of being a little over the top for a market, but it is on the other hand a great place to get inspiration for how to dress up to go out at night.

Despite this I found the atmosphere laid-back, relaxed and open, particularly its cafes, if we can call them that. The Mauersegler and the Schönwetter are a good example. In the Schönweter you can even choose between a deck or wicker chair, and the cocktails and organic hotdogs are a great option with the chill-out background music.

What to buy

I personally like the merchandise on offer – a mixture of bric-a-brac (especially in the northern part of the market), handicraft, professional sales products and stalls of young designers and artistic boutiques offering t-shirts, jerseys or printed bags. The professional sales products, particularly the T-shirts are all quite similar, and it is worth comparing prices, as bartering is not very common. At the back of the market there are also a number of stalls with second-hand furniture, retro style and frames.

Prices were in my opinion quite a lot higher than other markets in Berlin.

Other impressions

The location, immediately in the Mauerpark, is perfect for those who wish to get away from the crowds there is a chance to sit on the grass or the park benches and take some time out to look at your purchases. On sunny days, the Mauerpark is in itself an attraction; I was lucky enough to be able to listen to a swing jazz band on one far side of the market.

The culinary option is also very worthwhile. The food stalls offer fresh, home-made cooking, from Turkish specialties to gulasch, pea soup, oven-baked pizza, cakes and even a juice bar. The location and popularity mean that prices are quite normal.


The Mauerpark market has real character and a great atmosphere, and is suitable for anyone on the lookout for cheap things with the chance of spotting a new designer article.

For those fashionable souls who want to make the visit a full experience, you can also enjoy a cocktail on a comfortable wicker chair. However for the real market lovers, who enjoy hours roaming around and searching through boxes, it is worth checking out some of the other Markets in Berlin. For specialists who take their time looking around markets and know about the prices available, I would recommend avoiding Mauerpark particularly when the weather is good and especially if you prefer stay away from the crowds.

As far as I am concerned I would like to go back and visit, even if it was just for another slice of the delicious pide (Turkish pizza). I might even pick up a small 1950s table for just 3 euros.

Mauerpark Market
Bernauer Straße 63-64
Telephone: 0176 29 25 00 21


Every Sunday 08:00 – 18:00h

How to get there:
U2 stop: Eberswalder Straße
U8 stop: Bernauer Straße
Tram M10 stop :Wolliner Straße


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